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Lavretsky sat as if on thorns than she shut the casement in a sort of beautiful confusion,and disappeared,eager no doubt to hear from the dear object of her love She drove in front in the carriage with Ada and Justine he behind,in the coach
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She felt ashamed,and bitter,and sick but she had no doubt and no dread and Lavretsky was dearer to her than ever Lavretsky drank tea out of a large cup he remembered this cup from childhood there were playing cards depicted upon it,only visitors used to drink out of it and here was he drinking out if like a visitor This silly conceit intoxicated me so much,that I was guilty of a thousand ridiculous coquetries and I dare say,how favourable soever the thoughts of the company might be at my first appearance,they were soon changed by my absurd behaviour into pity or contempt
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r didn you count yourself Lenotchka blushed slightly He arrived early there was scarcely any one in the church a deacon was reading the service in the chair the measured drone of his voice sometimes broken by a cough fell and rose at even intervals
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When he came to himself,I asked his opinion of what had happened and he assured me that the first must certainly be the soul of some person damned,which appeared by the chain about his legs for his fears had magnified the creature to the bigness of a horse,and the sound of small morice bells to the clanking of massy chains I shall make my lord very merry with our adventures in this diligence
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